So Who Is, and What Is “LEAP” All About?

Since early in 2011, representatives of 23 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod churches/schools in the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan have engaged together in some strategic thinking, planning and action, seeking to “Advance Christ-Centered Education through Collaboration Among our Lutheran Churches and Schools.” Many thoughts, plans, and actions supporting/ enhancing Christian educational ministries of our Lutheran churches and schools fly under the banner of “LEAP,” (our “Lutheran Education Advancement Plan”). Individually and jointly we tout, promote, advance, and celebrate much that is good about our God-blessed Lutheran schools and related Christian educational ministries!

The Lutheran Church-Missouri entities affiliated together as LEAP are Bethlehem, Saginaw // Christ the King, Sebewaing and Unionville (jointly operated by Immanuel, Sebewaing, and St. Paul, Unionville) // Faith, Bay City // Faith, Bridgeport // Good Shepherd, Saginaw // Holy Cross,
Saginaw // Immanuel, Bay City // Immanuel, Saginaw (Frankentrost) // Messiah, Saginaw (Carrollton) // Peace, Saginaw // St. John, Bay City (Amelith) // St. John’s, Midland // St. Lorenz, Frankenmuth // St. Michael’s, Richville // St. Paul, Bay City (Frankenlust) // St. Paul, Millington // St. Peter, Hemlock // Trinity, Bay City (Monitor) // Trinity, Reese // Valley Lutheran High School,
Saginaw // Zion, Auburn (Beaver) // and Zion, Bay City. (The list includes 22 Lutheran congregations, 18 Lutheran schools through grade 8, 2 Lutheran free-standing preschools, and 1  Lutheran high school. 

All praise to our God for His redeeming presence and power in hearts and lives . . .and all praise to our God for Christian educational ministries through Christ-
centered churches and schools! And all glory ever be to our God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!