LEAP News Nugget - June

 Education Board Best Practices

Articulated, Promoted, and Facilitated

         Wise and foresightful leadership given by education boards of our Lutheran schools, not surprisingly, can be a blessing to the children and families of those schools!  Relatedly, one of many LEAP (Lutheran Education Advancement Plan) thrusts has been the presentation and promotion of 56 “Best Practices of Boards of Education (or Equivalent Governing Entities) of Lutheran Schools.”  Since July of 2018, 56 best practices have been developed, published, and presented to school principals and education board members of our area Lutheran schools.        

          LEAP Shops  -  Many school administrators and education board members of each and all twenty-one of the LEAP Area Lutheran schools have been representatives at all or many of the seven particular conferencing/training “LEAP-Shop” meetings in recent years at which the Education Board Best Practices (along with other topics) have been presented and workshopped.      

          Lutheran School Education Board Self-Evaluations, Commendations, and Goal Setting  -  To date, the school principals and the education board members of each of eight of our LEAP area Lutheran schools have been fully involved in the following three steps related to exercising education board best practices . . . a)  study of all of the 56 best practices, . . . b) assessment and reporting on the degree to which it is felt that their respective board “measures up” to each of the best practices, and . . . c) meeting together (as school leaders and education board members of a particular school . . . with the five members of the LEAP “Effectiveness Training for Education Boards Task Force,” for receiving feedback, commendations and positive suggestions relating to future days of leading and governing their school.

          More Particular Involvement in the Above Process ? ?­­  - The leaders of at least two more of our LEAP area Lutheran schools have expressed interest in soon becoming involved in the process described above.  Might there be similar interest on the part of school leaders of yet additional Lutheran schools?  Might they (or you) wish to take a closer look at the list of education board best practices?  They (or you) may do so by going to the LEAP website (LEAP-alliance.com), then selecting “Resources,” and then downloading “LEAP Best Practices of Boards of Education of Lutheran Schools.”