LEAP News Nugget

LEAP (Lutheran Education Advancement Plan NEWS NUGGET 

... about Worshipping, Teaching, Learning, Growing, and Serving within the ministries of our 22 area LCMS Lutheran Churches and Schools ... 

... also about promoting and advancing nine meaningful current LEAP thrusts within our area Lutheran schools ... thrusts particularly relating to 

... Marketing, Admissions, and Communication .... 

1. Conducting interviews with parents of students new to Lutheran schools and/or those who have recently removed their child(ren) from a Lutheran school.

2. Guiding schools in implementing effective "ambassador programs" which equip parents and others to share positive word-of-mouth expressions about their schools.

3. Educating school leaders by identifying marketing/admissions/communications best practices, and by teaching/growing these.

4. Educating school leaders in effective use of social media.

5. Evaluating and enhancing school websites and use of social media.

6. Facilitating the teaching and learning of best school marketing practices, especially as these relate to duties of principals, secretaries, and admissions counselors

7. Providing schools with "vetted” lists of marketing vendors and consultants.

8. Facilitating joint marketing efforts employing television, radio, internet, print materials, etc.

9. Promoting a central source for sharing with others some "Great Lakes Bay Region Lutheran Schools news". 

We praise our Lord for many blessings in and through our Lutheran schools. May children and families continue to be touched by the ministries of our homes, churches, and schools, and may God bless efforts to grow, strengthen, and promote our schools, to His glory, and to the benefit of His children